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Clicker Royale

Clicker Royale is a Mobile Dungeon Crawler
with Clicker mechanics

PLAY Clicker Royale :


The Making of Clicker Royale

At the start, Clicker Royale was a random Idea that
I sometimes have and note down.
I'm always very impressed by games like Reigns (by Nerial)
or Kingdom two Crowns (by Gordon Van Dyke)


They both have this approach of taking a complex genre, the strategy game, breaking it down into one simple mechanic.


I wanted to take a similar approach to the Battle Royale formula. Hence the name Clicker Royale.

Just Jamming

On January 3rd 2022 was held the Juice Jam. A Game Jam with an emphasis on juice and feedback. The theme was "Don't Stop".
I thought it was a great time to reuse that Idea that I had months earlier. I had to change a lot of course. I dropped out the idea of making it a battle royale, as making a multiplayer game on a game jam is not appropriate.
I focused on making it some kind of boss rush, taking only the gameplay of a clicker but not the structure.

The game is more about speed and quick decision-making than a long-term investment. And I of course put a lot of effort into animations and feedback.

Old Clicker.gif

The game met a great public response on It stayed on the trending page of the platform for two weeks, and people seemed to like it.

Clicker Royale [Jam Version] analytics as of 01/12/2022

Capture d’écran 2022-12-01 114120.png

The game was even reviewed in forums and articles across the globe.


To The Next Level

New Clicker.gif

At this point, it was quite clear that Clicker Royale had at least a small potential. So I decided to remake it entirely.

- I made a cleaner code that can be expanded upon.

- I remade all the animations to make them smoother.

- I reworked the combat system to make it deeper.

But what was most complicated to do is the progression system. I wanted the game to remain completely free. And even tho I tried other options I settled on a cosmetic-based reward with a random shop system.

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